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Appartement Reischerhof

Going am Wilden Kaiser

Our farm is located at the foot of the impressive Wilder Kaiser mountain.

It is the perfect starting point for your hiking and biking tours. The stunning bathing lake is only a 10 minutes’ walk away. In winter, you can easily reach the bus stop and one of the many cross country trails is also only a stone’s throw away. Not to forget, we also have an outdoor playground for children.

We are already looking forward to welcoming you here!



  • crib/baby bed
  • playground
  • child-friendly
  • highchair
  • sandboxes


  • Usage of cleansing materials and products without toxic chemicals consisting of
  • Application of sustainable and degradable cleansing materials without microplast

Contact tracing

  • Registering of guest contact data at the checkIn that may be relevant in case of infection - when guest agrees

Distance rules

  • Distance rules are kept

Energy efficiency

  • All windows are double glazed
  • Application of solar energy, photovoltaics, wind energy, geothermal energy, heat

Facilities / Services

  • WiFi
  • animals on farm year-round
  • satellite TV
  • family friendly
  • car parking lot
  • pets not allowed
  • non-smoking house
  • motorcycle parking spot

Foreign languages

  • English

Hygiene and disinfection

  • Rooms are cleaned most thoroughly after every guest departure, in particular often touched items
  • Regular ventilation of commonly accessible areas
  • Disinfection of often touched items and surfaces


  • distance to cross country slope (m) 100
  • meadowlands
  • lake - distance (m) 900
  • ski bus stop distance (m) 150
  • distance to bus stop (m) 150
  • distance to skischool (m) 2700
  • distance to outdoor/indoor swimming (m) 6100
  • City Center - distance (meters) 2200
  • right on the bike path

Man & culture

  • Year-round employment of staff


  • no board


  • Parking for bicycles

Payment methods

  • cash payment

Security food & beverage

  • Compliance of distance in all food areas

Security measures

  • Disinfectant for hands in accommodation and common rooms
  • Staff follows all security rules of the local authorities


  • Employees are informed about prevention and hygiene measures and correct behaviour when Covid19 symptoms or infections appear
  • Employees wear surgical masks
  • Sensitizing of employees to meet min. distance rules

Waste separation & waste avoidance

  • Avoiding of throw-away pack
  • Recycling systems and waste containers in all rooms
  • No application of plastic straws, plastic cups and bottles, plastic tablewere and cutlery, plastic stirrers, plastic decoration
  • No plastic packaging for shampoo, shower gel, offered toiletries

Water economy

  • Application of water-saving showers, sinks (intelligent showers, shower head wit
  • Guests can use towels several times
  • Application of water-saving toilets (e.g. toilets with low flow rates, toilets w
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  • Bilder von Kamera Teil 2 594
  • Hausbild Sommer
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